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Paper stick dryer, paper stick drying room

Paper stick drying machine is designes special for paper stick drying work.

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1. Product introduction:

Designed specifically for drying paper sticks, paper stick drying equipment.

The heating wires are used to increase the temperature in the equipment, so that the excess water in the paper stick is volatilized; the purpose of improving the hardness of the paper stick is achieved.

2. Product structure:

The paper stick dryer is a rectangular box-type sealable structure. Including heating device, air circulation equipment, dehumidification equipment and electric control unit. According to the size of the box, the drying of 600-1000kg paper stick products can be completed within 3-5 hours.

3. Product features:

1. Simple operation;

2. The drying efficiency is high, and the other work of the staff will not be affected during the drying period;

3. The effect of improving the hardness of the paper stick is obvious.

Shantou Jiechi machinery is special manufacture of paper stick making machine for lollipop stick, Q-tip stick, cotton swabs/cotton buds paper stick.


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