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Paper slitting machine

Auxiliary machine for paper sticks production. You need this machine to cut big width paper roll into small width paper roll. Then small width paper roll could be used on paper stick making machine.

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1. Product introduction:

By slitting and rewinding the original paper roll (large diameter and large width), change into a small width paper roll. The slitted small width paper roll can be used on the paper stick making machine.

Different diameter paper stick need different width of paper roll to produce. So paper stick manufacture need a big paper slitting & rending machine at factory for produce.

Different paper thickness, the paper roll width need change a little. So paper stick factory have their own paper slitting machine.

2. Product structure:

Unwinding mechanism;

Slitting mechanism;

Winding mechanism;

Control mechanism.

3. Shantou Jiechi machinery is special manufacture of paper stick making machine for lollipop stick, Q-tip stick, cotton swabs/cotton buds paper stick.


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