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Paper lollipop stick machine

Paper stick making machine is use to produce paper lollipop sticks. It's automatic and high efficiency.

Lollipop paper stick making machine including paper stick forming machine and paper stick cutter. Paper stick forming machine includes: paper roll rewinding unit, gluing unit, oblique belt unit and paper stick forming unit. Different customer, the paper lollipop sticks size are different. So, it's nearly special design at each machine.

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1. Product introduction:

Paper stick machine specially designed for lollipop sticks, producing 3.2*76mm paper sticks.

Paper stick machine including: paper stick forming machine and paper stick length cutting machine, 2 parts.

2. Founction:

The paper stick machine (rolling stick machine) first produces paper sticks with a diameter of 3.2mm and a length of 158mm. Then, use the drying room to dry the paper sticks. After the paper stick is dried, it is cut into 2 pieces with a length of 76mm. Remove the tip of the 2 end of the initial 158mm paper stick to make the upper and lower interface of the paper stick level.

This machine is designed to make paper stick which mainly used for coffee stir, lollipop, cake pops, candy floss, other confectionery or cotton swab and can be baked in oven. The device has automatic feeding, automatic winding core, automatic gluing, automatic molding and other functions. With a production speed, high efficiency, high degree of automation, and compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance adjustments and so on.

3. Product features:

1. Simple operation;

2. One person can look after 1-2 machines;

4. Paper lollipop stick's advantages:

Compared with plastic rods, paper sticks have new safety features. The paper stick will soften and dissolve under the action of stomach acid, and will not scratch or irritate children's intestines and stomach. At the same time, the paper sticks are easily degraded in the natural environment and will not harm the animals in the environment. The paper stick making machine is the important part in the paper stick production line. Paper stick machine is simple to operate and highly efficient. It can produce paper sticks of different size to replace the plastic sticks in the lollipops. At the same time, the paper sticks produced by the paper stick making machine can also be used for cotton swabs/cotton buds to reduce the use and pollution of plastics. Shantou Jiechi Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces paper stick making machines and supporting equipment for paper stick production.


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