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Paper Lollipop Stick Machine

There are many size paper stick for candy.  Different diameter * different length. You need tell us the paper stick size, then we special produce machine for you.

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1. Product introduction:

With the implementation of the ban on plastics, more and more disposable non-recycle  lastic products will be replaced by paper products. Paper sticks can be used for lollipops, homemade candies, cakes, lollipop, Q-tip, cotton swabs, cotton buds and greeting cards.

Lollipop paper stick, the general size is 3.2*76mm. 3.2mm diameter and 76mm length.

Of course, depending on the size of the lollipop, the size of the paper stick will change in different size. Diameter range 3-4.5mm, length 50-150mm.

For example, 3.0*55mm, 3.6*64mm, 3.5*100, 4.7*85mm and other different size, even customized size.

Solid paper stick have higher hardness than hollow plastic stick under the same outer diameter. Therefore, the diameter of the candy paper stick is smaller than the diameter of the plastic stick. Replace plastic rod by paper stick could reduce the cost of raw materials.

The paper stick making machine is divided into two parts: the stick forming machine and the stick length cutting machine. The paper stick forming machine is responsible for flattening the raw material paper roll, and then twisting the roll, and finally cutting and rubbing into a solid paper stick. After the paper sticks are dried, the stick cutter (paper stick length cutting machine) cuts the primary solid paper sticks into shorter paper sticks through the blade, and removes the pointed ends of the paper sticks or just cuts them short.

Shantou Jiechi machinery is special manufacture of paper stick making machine for lollipop stick, Q-tip stick, cotton swabs/cotton buds paper stick.

We supply one stop solutions for paper stick production.

2. Product structure:

The paper stick making machine (mainly referred to as the paper stick forming machine) is composed of an unwinding mechanism, a paper feeding roller mechanism, a gluing mechanism, a winding mechanism, a cutting mechanism, a rubber roller forming mechanism and a material feeding mechanism.

The paper stick cutter (paper stick length cutting machine) will be customized according to the customer's final target length and effect. It is composed of a feeding mechanism, a cutter mechanism and a material sorting conveyor belt.

For high speed and accurate length cutting, the out put size of length cutter, could not chang, need fixed. 

3. Product features:

1)  The magnetic powder brake controls the unwinding tension to ensure the stability of the paper tension and the forming of the paper stick;

2) The excess glue can be recycled, reducing costs and reducing waste;

4) The program controls the operation of multiple synchronous motors, the frequency converter is adjusted, the whole machine works stably, and the acceleration/deceleration response is rapid;

5) Imported bearings are selected for key parts with long service life;

4. Matters needing attention:

Paper rods of different diameters require paper rolls of different widths. The thickness of the paper will slightly affect the width of the paper roll. The combination of the thickness and width of the raw material paper roll needs to be obtained after a test run on the machine. We will also provide references.

5. Product pictures:

Compared with plastic rods, paper sticks have new safety features. The paper stick will soften and dissolve under the action of stomach acid, and will not scratch or irritate children's intestines and stomach. At the same time, the paper sticks are easily degraded in the natural environment and will not harm the animals in the environment. The paper stick making machine is the important part in the paper stick production line. Paper stick machine is simple to operate and highly efficient. It can produce paper sticks of different size to replace the plastic sticks in the lollipops. At the same time, the paper sticks produced by the paper stick making machine can also be used for cotton swabs/cotton buds to reduce the use and pollution of plastics. Shantou Jiechi Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces paper stick making machines and supporting equipment for paper stick production.

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